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7 Tips for Trainer to become Performance Consultant

A Partnership to Achieve Business Results
  1. Don’t be an order-taker
  2. Take training in being a credible consultant
  3. Build your confidence – learn your client business
  4. Learn the art of asking “sequential questions”
  5. Help client discover solution to achieve business results<...


Executive coaching through a cultural lens

As a coach, it is not possible for me to ignore my client’s cultural background. It is possible that even seasoned coaches with limited exposure to other cultures, may engage in a coaching assignment without recognition of differences in cultures. Without realizing, they may come to conclusions about their clients based on some behaviors, and take an ...


7 Easy Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed

Adopt the New and Drop the Old practices in Your Resume

Write your own resume – Don’t let anyone else write your resume – it shows and it is a turn-off! It definitely is a giveaway...


Leader or Manager

Making the distinction between management and leadership is essential to success in any project or business endeavors. You lead people, but manage tools, budgets, machines, time and other related resources. Leadership ...


What’s all the fuss about “Authentic Self?”

What is it? I recently got a question from someone: “You are a coach. Have you ever thought about the new phrase – Authentic Self?” It is something you have to discover for yourself with quiet contemplation, and not amidst the “noise” of everyday living! There is nothing new about it! READ MORE

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