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Management Consulting – Reaching the solution by asking the right questions

Three tips for getting to the optimal solution
  1. Focus on the objective, and not on the problem
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Let the solution be a revelation, and not engineered by your own bias
A case in point: A company was concerned about increased customer complaints and loss o...


Market Research Insights – Telling Your Story

Most market research goes unused because market research professionals are too busy doing the projects, analyzing, sometimes with advanced stats, and putting together a 75-page power point deck to present results. Market researchers need to learn how to tell their story. The audience is impressed, but overwhelmed, wondering, “So What? and What can I do abo...


5 Tips to Being Consultative

Being consultative is crucial to adding value to your business relationships. It has become an imperative in IT consulting business, where outsourcing professionals tend to focus on the deliverable and logistics surrounding it, rather than understanding client goals and needs, and mapping their deliverable to the needs. Most of the misunderstandings and conf...


You are Not Unemployed. You are a Consultant.

Keep your business cards. Don’t discard them when you get a job!

I got a big blow for the first time from Mr. Layoff. I was given a glossy exit package from my management job and escorted to the doors of an Outplacement Specialist. These professionals help ease the pain of job loss and push you rapidly into your job search. My sp...


Why You?

The First Steps in Marketing Yourself to a prospective employer or a client are: Knowing your Skills and Knowing your Market. Any Marketing expert will tell you these are the critical questions:
  1. Define your product – i.e. who are you, what do you offer, what have you accomplished?
  2. Who w...


Clients for Life

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