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Cultural awareness influences business outcomes

Many USA-based companies outsource work to India. Some are disappointed with results and wonder why. A critical reason cited for disappointing results is: Cross-Cultural Communications. We don’t understand “their” behavior, actions and reasons! I travel all over the United States speaking to an audience of puzzled Americans in major companies. A repea...


5 Tips for Answering Questions

Don’t think of answering questions during a presentation or meeting as a stressful time. Instead, be prepared to let your subject matter expertise and personality shine.   Try to remember these 5 tips the next time you find yourself in a Q&A setting:
  1. Pause and take a breath
  2. Answer the person and not just the question...


Influence of Culture

Culture plays a significant role in our responses in business, and heavily influences today’s global economy. Embracing the role played by culture avoids costly misunderstandings and miscommunications. Corporate America is now realizing that it is time to learn more about the outsourcing partners that support their IT and other critical functions. A lea...


Clients for Life

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