Consultative Solutions

Client Expectation Management

[Also known as Consultative Solutions]

Do you know that it costs ten times more to get a new client than it does to keep your current client!


Client-facing professionals who are building a business tend to be project-focused instead of being client-focused. By changing your perspective from the "job" to the "relationship" you can position yourself as a key player in the client's business plans. Clients look to IT partners to support their navigation through changing business landscapes. Transactional thinking, task orientation, and passive order-taking, do not translate to customer loyalty. Solution-driven approach to customers builds trust and loyalty.

Course Objective

This course, also titled Consultative Solutions, is unique because it teaches short cuts to using brokerage analyst reports to understand client industry and business results, client needs and how to align your work with client goals. Use games, role plays, case studies and client real-time situations.

Topics include [case studies and your real-life business problems]

  1. Defining your clients and your role; Understanding client needs and expectations
  2. Communications – interpersonal basics
  3. Managing client interactions – cultural differences
  4. Working strategically with people – process
  5. Meeting Facilitation
  6. Elements of Project Leadership – Leading and not managing
  7. Basic Soft negotiation techniques

Venue & Duration

If you are not inspiring or influencing decisions, you are not dynamic in business presentations

Onsite in class/in-person

Training Onsite in class/in-person, at client's site.
Morning Concepts and examples; practice; Case study or real-time problems
Afternoon Recap; Team assignment; Mock-meeting and critique
Duration 8 hours (can be customized as per client needs)

Virtual – Webinars

Training on client system
Session 1 2 hours [Concepts; Learnings; Case-study assignment]
Session 2 Team presentation [session can be 1 to 2 weeks later]
Duration 4 hours [Concepts/examples]

One-on-one coaching

Training in-person and virtual sessions
Duration up to 8, 1-hour sessions