Cross Cultural & Leadership Coach

Build Bridges Not Walls


Mala specializes in training and coaching clients to achieve best results in decision making and multicultural communications in a global economy.

Voice of experience

Mala gains immediate credibility and builds rapport with audience because she "speaks the language". She has held leadership roles in corporate America in global companies like IBM, GE and Dun & Bradstreet, and healthcare leaders like Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her expertise includes communications, marketing and change management. Her upbringing in India, advanced degrees, and certification as public speaker and training facilitator make her speak with comfort.

Looking through a cultural lens

Research indicates that many outsourcing engagements fail when people don't understand the nuances of cultural differences. Mala's talks on Multicultural Communications fosters better understanding between professionals from India and their clients in USA in the outsourcing arena. She has addressed audience in companies like NASDAQ, Express Scripts, Comcast, Lincoln Financial Group, Putnam, and The Hartford.