Dynamic Presentations


If you are not inspiring or influencing decisions, you are not dynamic in business presentations


Business presentations do not have to be boring. With the right presentation skills training you can captivate the imagination of your audience, like Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Added Topic in Class – Tech Talk Made Easy

Well meaning, often brilliant, scientists, researchers, and IT presenters can't understand why everyone in the audience isn't thrilled with their data or results. Having done research presentations for 25 years, Mala is passionate about helping fellow professionals, who can work on delivering a compelling message.

Course Objective

This program is aimed at helping participants learn concepts with practical examples and samples of how to prepare, deliver and follow-up on presentations regardless of venue.

  1. The "4 Pillars" of dynamic presentation – Why, What, How, When
    • Extracting meaningful message or insights: How to lighten technical subjects
    • Effective "1-minute pitches" : Power speeches: Q&A techniques
    • Tips for virtual meetings
  2. Telling your story - Building the slides as backdrop to your story. Giving summary in 1 slide for those busy executives
  3. Improvement Plan
    • Unique self-diagnosis questionnaire – know your strengths
    • Personal critique and guide of strengths and scope for improvement


Review and bring your own sample client presentation.

Venue & Duration

If you are not inspiring or influencing decisions, you are not dynamic in business presentations

Onsite in class/in-person

Training Onsite in class/in-person, at client's site
Day 1 Concepts and examples; practice; Self-diagnosis
Day 2 Recap of Day 1; Practice and critique [Optional - video taping]
Duration 1.5 to 2 days

Virtual – Webinars

Training Webinars - on client system. [Concepts/examples]
Duration 2 hours 

One-on-one coaching

Training in-person and virtual sessions
Duration [up to 8, 1-hour sessions]