Multicultural Communications

Multicultural Communications

Know India & America through Cultural Lens

A.) US Clients - Create More Value from IT partnerships
B.) Indian outsourcing professionals - Generate More Value for Clients


If you rely heavily on IT Outsourcing and are working with members of the Asian Indian culture, you may have experienced common questions like these:

  1. Why do team members hesitate to say "no" or "I don't know"
  2. Why team members resist voicing strong opinions
  3. Why do people remain silent in meetings in the presence of their managers

Course Objective

The 2 hour onsite session will cover 3 modules:

  1. Overview of India and America with engaging examples from Mala's own experience since she came to America and worked in corporate world for 25 years.
  2. What is culture? Learn about nuances of culture based on studies done by Hall and Hofstede, and apply these to behavior patterns of Indians and Americans. This module will also include role-plays.
  3. Features of both cultures – customs and practices; food; spoken English


US Clients – designed for American-born clients. The course is designed to be very positive, interactive and motivational.

Indian Professionals– designed for Indian IT professionals. This will expose them to nuances of communications in American setting and how patterns differ and what can be done to generate more value from better communications.