Build Bridges Not Walls

Soft Negotiations

How to get to"I agree" in business without burning your bridges.
" Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate"

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Some situations that need soft negotiations – [1] my client keeps changing requirements, but I dislike confronting the issue; [2] I am overwhelmed with projects; [3] I am going to negotiate with a hostile group and I know I am going to lose. Negotiation truly is not a competitive sport, where one person has to lose for the other to win. There is nothing more powerful than a negotiation, where participants learn to balance substance and relationship.

Course Objective

The program will go over the building blocks of negotiations: Getting rid of fear; Interest; People; Options; Strategies & Topics. It is based on accepted principles expounded by well-recognized experts and based on Mala's experience negotiating with internal and external clients, vendors, key stakeholders in business while managing $1MM budget, staff and a matrix team in complex organizations like IBM, GE and D&B, and as independent consultant.

This is not a course for people interested in hard-core union negotiations or sales situations. It will teach professionals basics, techniques and practical examples with team exercise that will help get rid off fears and gain confidence in negotiations.

Venue & Duration

If you are not inspiring or influencing decisions, you are not dynamic in business presentations

Virtual – Webinars

Training on client system
Session 1 2 hours [Concepts; Learnings; Case-study assignment]
Session 2 Team presentation [2 weeks apart for preparation]
Duration 4 hours [Concepts/examples]

One-on-one coaching

Training in-person and virtual sessions
Duration up to 8, 1-hour sessions